Majority of Madinah projects in danger of falling behind

Government monitoring programme finds that 355 projects are at risk of falling behind their construction schedules due to worker shortages

An on-line government programme has found that the majority of projects in Madinah are behind schedule.

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Only 121 out of 656 development projects in the Saudi Arabian city of Madinah are proceeding according to schedule, a government backed project monitoring scheme has found.

Ada (performance) is an online government programme to monitor development projects. It was implemented by Madinah’s Emir, Prince Faisal Bin Salman, for the development of the holy city. It was launched earlier this month.

Local daily newspaper, Al Madinah, reported that work on 176 projects had been delayed, while work on four others had completely stopped.

According to the program, another 355 are at risk of falling behind.

The development projects are being supervised or executed by about 32 government departments, including the municipality, branch ministries, universities, independent government authorities and others.

Contractors blame a shortage of workers following the government crackdown on illegal foreigners for the unprecedented in delay in completing many of the projects.

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