Saudi mid-day break rule introduced

Oil, gas, emergency maintenance workers exempted

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A new law aimed at protecting workers from harsh sun conditions has come into effect in Saudi Arabia. It will be implemented till mid-September, officials have said.

According to the law, ‘labourers are banned from working outside between noon and 15:00,’ a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation has said.

“The ministry is working hard in providing a secure work environment that is safe from all occupational hazards,” the Saudi Ministry of Labour said in a statement, the report continued. 

Exemptions to the Saudi law include workers from the oil, gas and emergency maintenance sectors. However, measures have to be undertaken to protect them from the sun. Heavy monetary fines, and even closure, will be imposed on companies not adhering to the ban.

UAE’s midday break rule, which commenced on June 15, 2014 will also last a duration of three months. Violators of the rule in the UAE can be fined up to $4,083, the Ministry of Labour said.

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