Implementation of Abu Dhabi International Building Code to improve standards

Chairman of the Department of Municipal Affairs says that code will attract investment into Abu Dhabi construction sector

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RELATED ARTICLES: Emaar Fire Safety chief calls for better education | Doha conducts building safety assessment campaign | DM to implement revised wind codes for buildings Government projects in Abu Dhabi will now implement the Abu Dhabi International Building Code, following its formal adoption by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, the Department of Municipal Affairs has announced. The codes can be voluntarily implemented for a year, the Department said in a statement. However, from October 1, the adoption of these codes has been made compulsory for all government projects. Furthermore, the DMA will also provide support to private sector firms who wish to implement the codes, the statement added. The codes were developed to improve standards in the UAE’s construction sector, and enable sustainable development. Although construction companies have adopted a variety of international codes in the past, there has not been anything specifically developed for the UAE’s cultural, environmental and other conditions. The Abu Dhabi International Building Code is part of six new Abu Dhabi Building Codes. These standards include the Abu Dhabi International Energy Conservation Code, the International Fuel Gas Code, the International Mechanical Code, the International Private Sewage Disposal Code and the International Property Maintenance Code. Based on the International Codes published by the International Code Council, the codes have been specifically adapted to address the unique requirements of the Abu Dhabi construction industry. Majid Al Mansouri, chairman of the DMA, said that the standards would guarantee best practices in the construction and business sectors. He added that they would reflect positively on the economy, environment and society. Al Mansouri said that he expected the implementation of the codes to attract investment and strengthen the competitiveness of the sector. Ahmad Al Shareef, undersecretary at the Department of Municipal Affairs, added that buildings would be safer, more durable and built using more environmentally friendly practices under the code.

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