UAE charity project to build houses for homeless in Kerala

200 homes have been handed over so far

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RELATED ARTICLES: Indian Embassy in KSA – 1 mn workers legalise status | Plunging Rupee could hit Indian investment into UAE real estate | New Delhi to build gigantic park in heart of the city Beit Al Rehima, a UAE-based charity project is building housing units in Kerala for the homeless in the South Indian state. Ibrahim Ilayettil, general secretary of Kerala Muslim Cultural Center (KMCC) UAE Committee said the project has been taken up by Muslim League, a political party in the state. “We have handed over about 200 homes to poor people in the Malappuram district of Kerala”, Ilayettil told Emirates 24|7. “I have personally taken the initiative to provide 22 homes to poor people in my neighbourhood and five homes are being completed around my own house. I would like to construct a home for at least one poor family in the Panchayat area,” he added. Seen as a move to boost the popularity of the Muslim League in the state, Anwar Naha, president of the KMCC Dubai Unit insists the beneficiaries of the scheme extend beyond the muslim supporters of the political party, including the disadvantaged from ‘other communities’ too. “KMCC has been actively involved in the Beit Al Rehima project and the initial plan was to construct a few hundred homes for the poor people in the Malappuram district of Kerala”, he said. “The Beit Al Rehima project will help build houses for poor people who have their own plot of land too.”

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