Fire systems to be made mandatory in new Dubai homes

Announcement by Dubai Civil Defence states all new villas, apartments in the emirate to have in-built fire-alert systems.

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Mandatory fire alert systems linking houses to Dubai Civil Defence networks have been announced by Dubai Civil Defence, the authority for fire-accidents in the emirate.

Undertaken to improve fire safety at homes, the first phase of the project will involve the installation of these systems in all new residential units such as villas and apartments.

“The new system will automatically alert the nearest fire station in case of fire or any emergency in any house,” said Lt Col Jamal Ahmad Ebrahim, director of Preventive Safety Department, Dubai Civil Defence. “Firefighters will be alerted even if there are people at home or not.”

While no clear cost estimates or deadline have been provided for building owners to comply with the new directive, the initial phase of installations is expected to begin before the year ends, said a report by Gulf News.

“The project is part of Dubai government’s efforts to make the city the safest in the world,” added Lt. Ebrahim. “We have realised that currently fire safety in villas is not at the highest level. So we are planning to overhaul the safety system.

“In the first phase we will start with new villas and buildings and in the next phase will move to existing buildings.”

The new move comes in light of the many fire-related accidents reported across residential and commercial developments in Dubai and the country alike, most notable of which was the Tamweel fire incident in November 2012.


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