Himoinsa’s power play

Genset maker expands regional office

Celebrating 10 years’ presence in the Middle East markets, Spanish generator manufacturer HIMOINSA has announced an expanded regional office in the UAE in order to support a growing volume of sales.

With a product portfolio encompassing generators in the 4kVA – 2600kVA range as well as light towers, HIMOINSA has seen strong uptake of its product by rental companies such as PEAX as well as end users in construction. The generators have been used on a number of major projects, including sales to King Fahd Causeway linking Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (as standby), and the Makkah-Medinah high speed railway.

In 2013 the brand grew its sales volume for the Middle East by 25% over the previous year, and expects similar full-year volumes for 2014.

A major distributor of the brand is the equipment giant FAMCO, which sells Himoinsa in the GCC markets of UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Guillermo Elum, HIMOINSA’s sales and marketing director, told CMME that they’re expecting continuing growth in the region, with trade data from the UN Comtrade Database showing that European genset manufacturers provide a signficant volume of generators to satisfy a large market demand.

“We are continuing to grow our presence in this market. We have won the trust of major companies in the Middle East, which choose us for our quality products and service,” said Elum.

The firm is positioned as a vertically-integrated manufacturer of generators, manufacturing all the major components – canopies, alternator and controllers – aside from the engines. The units are also carefully engineered for maximum air-flow and cooling effect, as well as dust control, especially important in the Middle East, said Keith Webb, general manager of HIMOINSA Middle East.

“We are prepared to work in the extreme conditions of the Middle East, being able to withstand the daytime temperatures of 50ºC is essential.

“Equipment for desert areas demand special attention, apart from the heat, other  factors such as humidity  can cause problems if not given due consideration, dust is also a factor that can clog filters and accumulate in the mechanisms and affect performance.”

Recent product launches include the Power Cube, which has 500 kW of power generation inside a 10-foot container, for improved transportation. And more recently the brand unveiled a new hybrid solution genset, which uses a variable speed engine and battery bank, as well as external renewable energy source such as solar or wind.

With a 500l fuel tank (1000l as an option), the hybrid genset is designed for use in remote locations on applications such as telcom towers, where regular refuelling of diesel is time-consuming as well as risky. Using the renewable energy source means an extended run-time for a single tank of fuel – as much as fourteen days, signficantly reducing operational costs.

A family-owned company, based in Murcia, Spain, HIMOINSA has eight factories world wide, and 10 subsidiaries, including the Dubai-based regional office.

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