Smart tyre tags for UAE in 2015

Tags will contain critical vehicle, tyre information

Cars in the UAE will have to carry special tags alerting motorists about their safety and specifications, as per a report by Gulf News.

An anonymous official told the local daily that tyres, which are genuine products but not suitable for the UAE market, endanger motorists and increase the probability of road accidents.

Tyres in the country must withstand high temperatures typical to the UAE since those meant for colder regions could wear out faster or burst, thus risking the life of the driver.

To promote greater education about tyre specification and discourage the purchase of inexpensive fake alternatives, the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) will introduce the smart tag system in the country by 2015.

The tags will be readable by smartphones and confirm the product’s compliance with UAE specifications, such as its manufacturer, vehicle type, country of origin, date of production, weight, pressure and speed range.

There will also be an RFID chip that will be read by inspectors using hand-held devices. The information in the chip will also be held in a central database.

ESMA has previously launched a smart app which allows motorists to understand the meaning of engravings on tyres. It shows a sample tyre with the typical engravings, which can be tapped for more information and explanation.

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