Major Aramco contract awarded to NPCC

Work will include installing 23km of undersea pipelines and more than 115km of subsea cabling

Abu Dhabi-based National Marine Dredging Company has announced that its key unit, National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC), has secured a $1.3bn contract from Saudi Arabian oil giant Aramco. The contract relates to two key projects that are core to the Arab Medium (AM) facilities upgrade scheme.

In its filing to the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, the National Marine Dredging Company explained that the project scope includes two key elements: firstly, the fabrication and installation of 11 slipover production decks modules and nine structural jackets; then, the installation of eight subsea pipelines with an approximate length of 23 km.

The order also includes 22 units of 15 kV subsea cables with a total length of 115 km.

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