Rabdan City to get infrastructure upgrades says Abu Dhabi Municipality

Improvements are scheduled for road connectivity, civic amenities and personal mobility

With a view to improving infrastructure in Rabdan City, Abu Dhabi Municipality and its key partners successfully organised the Rabdan City Assembly (Nshawerkom Initiative) – with a focus on proposed projects such as the construction of public spaces, parking lots, and shops, as well as improvements to internal road networks and ongoing road paving works.

Traffic-related enhancements include improvements to roads leading to key locations and civic hubs, creating and enhancing roundabouts, and upgrading existing roundabouts into arterial intersections with multiple traffic signals.

The partners of Abu Dhabi Municipality include the Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf Authority, Department of Health, Al Baraka International Investment, and Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination.

The event drew a large crowd of residents from Rabdan City and served as a platform for effective communication between the municipality and the local population. Its primary objective was to showcase completed and upcoming projects that together enhance residents’ quality of life – and it also gathered valuable feedback, opinions, and suggestions regarding the area and its services.

Abu Dhabi Municipality said it was focusing on enhancing Rabdan City’s visual appeal through ‘beautification’ projects such as tree planting, landscaped irrigation canals, and so on. The municipality also plans to improve roads, update traffic signs, and beautify major areas to showcase the city’s identity.

Other key features will include a new community garden, along with a network of new bicycle lanes, enhanced car parking facilities and improved street lighting.

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