Abu Dhabi University unveils 3D Concrete Printing Research Lab

The lab is said to be the fruit of the ADU’s recent win in the ASPIRE grant awarded by the Advanced Technology Research Council

Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has inaugurated a 3D Concrete Printing Research Lab within its campus, as part of its efforts to provide students with unique learning opportunities. The Lab was set up by the ADU’s College of Engineering, and is said to feature advanced 3D printing technologies that will contribute to the prototyping of concrete structures.

The technology enables the creation of intricate shapes and designs that would be difficult to achieve using traditional construction methods, said a statement from ADU.

3D printing technology enables creative and unique building designs. In addition, it promotes sustainable construction practices by enabling precise measurements and minimum waste of raw materials during the construction process and reducing energy consumption compared to traditional construction methods due to the decreased need for transportation of raw materials and construction time, the statement continued.

“The 3D Concrete Printing Lab represents a significant step forward in the field of construction technology. With this facility, we seek to provide our students and faculty with the tools and resources to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of what is possible in this field,” stated ADU Chancellor Professor Ghassan Aouad.

In late October 2022, SCIB announced the completion of the first 3D printed house in Borneo.

The Lab is said to be the fruit of the ADU’s recent win in the ASPIRE grant awarded by the Advanced Technology Research Council in the UAE, it added.

The research team led by Dr Samer Al Martini, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at ADU and Dr. Reem Sabouni, Associate Professor, received a grant to study the application of 3D concrete technology for the UAE construction industry to help in promoting sustainability in the UAE’s construction sectors.

The lab is said to provide faculty and students with state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment, including the 3D Concrete Gantry Lab printer. The printer, said to be the first of its type in a university lab in the UAE, can produce various lab scale concrete structural elements (e.g., columns, beams, walls) in different shapes and sizes. Through similar innovative learning opportunities, ADU aims to foster innovation and creativity in the fields of 3D concrete printing and sustainability among its students, the statement continued.

“At ADU, we maximise our innovation efforts to provide students, faculty and the wider UAE community with sustainable and inclusive solutions to industry-focused challenges. Additionally, we aim to provide a well-rounded educational experience and the latest innovative technologies to develop our student’s futuristic skillset and prepare a generation of researchers and innovators,” Aouad remarked.

In early November 2022, Dar Al Arkan completed the Kingdom’s first 3DCP villa.

The Lab will also contribute to ADU’s environmental sustainability efforts by reducing waste and material usage, promoting energy efficiency, and encouraging innovative designs among faculty and students. It will also help provide more inclusive environment for females to participate in a male-dominated industry as 3D Concrete printing is a less labour-intensive construction technique relying more on technology.

In late November 2022, GUtech 3D said it had printed three structures in eight days in Oman.

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