Digital DEWA subsidiary launches first AI-driven cyber security system

Moro Hub: UAE’s first in-country OT CDC launches as a fully Managed Service model and will prevent cyber threats targeting critical infrastructure

Moro Hub, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (PJSC) in association with EY, has launched its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven managed services for Operation Technology (OT) in Cyber Defense Centre (CDC) in the UAE.

Hosted in Dubai, Moro OT CDC is powered with next generation technologies such as, Data Lake, Artificial Intelligence, and staffed with real-world experienced data scientists, OT and IoT experts, Threat Intelligent and cyber defense experts, said Moro Hub: “Demonstrating its commitment to enhance the cyber security of UAE’s Critical National Infrastructure, Moro OT CDC continuously monitors the ever-evolving threat landscape and provide appropriate response.”

“We are pleased to launch UAE’s first in-country OT CDC as a fully Managed Service model in collaboration with EY. Cyber threats targeting Critical Infrastructure are growing at an alarming rate, which may pose threat to human life, environment and operational assets,” added Dr Ahmed Alketbi, Chief Information Security Officer of Moro Hub.

“The launch of this service will assist organizations dealing with OT/IoT systems to protect from cyber threats and manage cybersecurity incidents through timely threat detection and swift incident response. We are confident that this new OT Cyber Defense Centre will not only strengthen the region’s cybersecurity resiliency and response capability, but its cutting-edge services and its team expertise, will offer better business efficiency and streamline critical infrastructure safety, reliability, and productivity.”

Operational technologies are increasingly getting connected to business systems to support ever demanding operational efficiency requirements. This trend has further increased the existing cyber risks faced due to Industry 4.0 migration, Digital transformation, and IT/OT convergence, which increased the exposure of traditionally air-gapped systems to cyber-attack, making it clear that asset owners need to take a stronger, more integrated approach to security.

“EY is excited to bring advanced cybersecurity monitoring for critical OT and IoT infrastructure to the region through the partnership with MORO Hub.  Cybersecurity monitoring on operational networks and IoT is more paramount than ever as the region continues to see a surge of cybersecurity attacks, along with the advancement in digital disruption and integration of OT and IoT systems.  Together, EY and MORO Hub will provide world class cybersecurity monitoring services to clients to address this critical gap in the market,” said Clinton Firth, Global Energy Cybersecurity Leader, EY.

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