Manufacturers collaborate to offer universal battery solution for construction equipment

The collaboration between Wacker Neuson, Bomag, Mikasa, Swepac and Enarco eliminates the need to manage different battery and charging systems

With battery-powered construction equipment becoming an increasingly attractive option for construction companies, several equipment manufacturers have collaborated to produce mutually compatible, interchangeable batteries and chargers for construction equipment. Wacker Neuson, Bomag, Mikasa, Swepac and Enarco announced that the universal solution will be offered under the ‘Battery One’ brand.

Initially introduced to the market by Wacker Neuson, the battery has been deployed by Bomag for its electrically powered rammers since April 2021, while Mikasa, Swepac and Enarco are now the latest manufacturers to agree use the same battery in their compaction equipment.

Speaking about the announcement Stefan Pfetsch, Managing Director of Wacker Neuson Produktion said, “The availability of a multi-vendor interchangeable battery for construction equipment is key to the growing adoption of electromobility on building sites.”

In October 2022, ACCIONA said it would cut direct emissions on construction sites through the acquisition of electrical machinery via its decarbonisation fund.

He added, “Compatibility provides huge benefits for the customers. We see demand for battery-operated equipment growing all the time. With Battery One, we make it easier for customers to go electric – in particular to switch from products that were previously powered by conventional drive technologies.”

Wacker Neuson says it intends to collaborate further with the other manufacturers to establish an open standard for construction equipment batteries, focusing on how customers can benefit from cost savings when they invest in battery-powered products. This is expected to create momentum for the wider uptake of zero emission equipment on construction sites whilst improving construction site workflows and logistics by eliminating the need to manage different battery and charging systems.

Ralf Junker, President of BOMAG GmbH concluded, “Battery One’s compatibility across different brands and products will further increase the penetration of electric equipment and the sustainability of battery lifecycle management on construction sites. Together with our customers, we are helping to make construction sites around the world more environmentally friendly.”

In early November 2022, Volvo CE said it was accelerating the shift towards electric hauling with its factory expansion and, later in the month, Hamm presented its first fully electric battery-driven tandem rollers.


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