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The platform has recorded over 55,000 bookings and 50,000+ service requests since its inception

The technology division of Eltizam Group, EAST-O Holdings, has launched PropEzy, a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed to manage customer experience and optimise operations in real estate management in the MENA region. Here, Uros Trojanovic, Divisional CEO of EAST-O Holdings discusses the platform’s development and the benefits it offers to its users.

  • Discuss PropEzy and what it offers to customers.

PropEzy is an all-in-one software that integrates operations in the built environment and is designed to digitise real estate operations, while enhancing the customer experience. The web & mobile app provides real time data and insights for better decision-making, with comprehensive solutions for community management, property management, security management, workplace management and facilities management.

The platform provides managers with a more modern and efficient way of running operations, through a financial system to organise bills, payments and collections, a CRM system to engage with customers, a community channel to facilitate communications with residents or employees and a digital dashboard that generates periodical reports and analytical data and insight to help teams with decision making.

Customers who use the mobile application can take advantage of multiple benefits including a direct channel to raise requests, post complaints or share feedback, an easy-to-use system for payments and a community platform where they can receive updates, book amenities, read about upcoming events and receive exclusive offers.

  • What was the driver behind the development of PropEzy? How long did the development of the platform take and what expertise was needed to deliver this platform?

The team at PropEzy is a group of built environment industry pros, with in-depth experience in real estate development, facilities management, property management and strata/OA management. The one thing we all had in common is that we worked with niche technologies that only specialised in either facilities management, property management or customer service. It was a silo approach to technology, which meant that even though you are managing one building, the facilities management system would not have tenant information for example, because it would be stored in another system.

This industry-wide challenge is the problem we are trying to solve – to offer an integrated platform of key systems that make managing buildings easier and more professional.

Platform development is an on-going process but we are 24 months in now, and with three core products rolled out into the market already, we have enough to keep us busy. In terms of leveraging expertise, we relied on launch partners for each product – industry leaders who consulted us on what feature mix each product should have. Our industry partners included Kingfield Owners Association Management Services (Kingfield), Omnius Property Management and OrionTEK Innovations who are security/access control industry experts. 

  • Who is the platform targeting and what is the cost for using the solution? What sort of ROI can users expect out of it?

PropEzy is targeted to managers in the built asset environment who are on the lookout for modern and more efficient ways to manage their property, community, facility, security or workplace.

The cost depends on the module selected, but can be as low as US $2 per unit, per month. The key differentiator over well-established software brands that exist today is that PropEzy is a cloud-based SaaS solution meaning there is no upfront CAPEX for clients. Instead, they benefit from a pay-as-you-go monthly plan, which keeps costs much lower than was the case with legacy systems in the facilities management, property management and community management industries.

In terms of ROI, it depends on each deployment and the features clients focus on. For example, one of our customers uses PropEzy to process about 90% of their 6,000 customer payments each month. Since our bill payment process is fully automated, it saves their accounts team 11 minutes per transaction or about 66,000 minutes monthly – the equivalent of multiple FTEs, as well as savings on office space for cashiers. 

  • How can users access the platform? Is there also an app for mobile devices?

Companies that invest in the platform will get access to the digital dashboard through the website where they can manage all their operations. On the other end, customers can use the free mobile application, available on iOS and Android, to process payments, raise requests, book amenities, post complaints, receive updates and much more.

  • What are some of the platform’s unique features and value proposition?

The unique selling point of PropEzy is that it unites all real estate sector participants on a single platform and provides each stakeholder with an exclusive set of benefits. Through the innovative technologies in use, managers can make decisions based on real-time data generated by the platform. Whether you are a member of the management team, a client, or a supplier, you will benefit from a modern, effective solution that makes it easier and simpler to achieve your goals.

  • What are some of the current market issues and challenges that the platform helps tackle?

Independent/silo solutions for fundamental operations like leasing, facilities management, customer service, payments, etc. have always been a problem for the built environment. It is still challenging for property and community managers to offer consumers a smooth end-to-end service because of this fragmentation of said solutions.

This, in our opinion, is what prevents the widespread adoption of other emerging technologies that could enhance both the end-user experience and the capacity of asset managers to successfully manage portfolios. PropEzy helps tackle this issue by providing a comprehensive platform that integrates all areas of the built asset environment. 

  • What sort of cybersecurity does that platform employ to ensure its data is safe from cyberattacks/hacks etc?

Our platform handles customer data, which makes system security a key priority that we have focused on from day one. The platform is hosted on a global tier one hosting provider, with a suite of cloud security features including firewalls and encryption mechanisms.

Customer data security is something we will never compromise on, therefore we also monitor and test our platform regularly to simulate attacks, adding an extra layer of assurance for the clients and our team.

To learn more about the platform, visit the PropEzy website.


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