Acciona powers tower crane with portable 100kW hydrogen-based generator

First prototype of 100kW fuel cell genset comes as part of the demonstration phase of the ‘Everywh2ere’ innovation project

Acciona has operated a tower crane with a portable zero-emission electricity generator based on hydrogen, the first of its kind in the construction sector, said the company. Until recently, a common solution in projects where it was not possible to connect to the grid was to use generators powered by fossil fuels, mainly diesel.

In this case however, the company used the prototype generator, which has a power range of 100kW and can feed auxiliary equipment and site machinery, on a construction site for the new Norte III Penitentiary Complex in San Sebastián, northern Spain. The project was awarded last year to a joint venture involving Acciona, and the crane will continue to operate for the next three months with the help of the hydrogen-based electricity generator.

“The development and validation of this first prototype of a 100kW portable electricity generator based on hydrogen is part of the demonstration phase of the ‘Everywh2ere’ innovation project, in which the company is participating together with another 12 European partners,” said Acciona.

The project, financed by the European Commission through the FCH JU (Fuel Cell Hydrogen Joint Undertaken) initiative, consists of the development of portable generators that use hydrogen instead of oil-based products to generate energy. In the process, this helps reduce noise and fumes created by current electricity generators.

Acciona is taking an active role in diversity and combating climate change. In February 2022, the firm said it was promoting leadership of women in climate science and in March 2022, it along with local partners in Saudi Arabia closed green loans worth $480mn for three Independent Sewage Treatment Plants (ISTP). The firm also announced in April 2022 that it achieved financial close for a 90,000cu/m per day ISTP in the Kingdom.


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