Genie brings new hydraulic oil containment system to global markets

Genie Lift Tools Spill Guard hydraulic oil containment system can be fitted on Genie E-Drive scissor lifts from 14ft (4.3m) to 40ft (12m)

Genie has announced the global rollout of its Spill Guard hydraulic oil containment System, a factory-fit option for E-Drive scissor lifts that can help reduce costly leaks at worksites

The new system, which works with standard, square pads, does not need cutting or fitting but instead requires a one-time factory visit where the easy-access, swing-out and bolt-in trays are installed. This delivers a durable, economical solution that will not vibrate during transport and saves costs by protecting against hydraulic leaks on the jobsite, said the company.

“An increasing number of jobsites, such as data-centers and environmentally sensitive areas, require a hydraulic oil containment system,” says Christian Dube, Genie Product Manager. “Spill Guard is an economical solution that fulfills these requirements and mitigates the risk of costly clean-ups on finished floors.”

Genie E-Drive scissor lifts can deliver increased runtime per charge and due to maintenance-free AC electric drive systems, they have a low environmental impact. Although hydraulic leaks are rare on Genie E-Drive machines, the environmental impact is further reduced with the Spill Guard system, which covers the single point of possible leakage, the company noted.

In September 2021, Genie announced a tool kit for Load Sense calibration and in November 2020, the firm introduced its E-Drive system across its GS slab scissor line. The firm was also recently recognised at the first edition of the Construction Machinery Middle East Awards for its Z- 45 FE Hybrid Articulated Boom Lift.

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