Construction Machinery ME Awards: Best in class? Voting extended to 12th May

If you feel ‘best in class’ is a fair description of your business, you need to enter the Construction Machinery ME Awards – but urgently, because the deadline for entries is 30th April

The deadline to enter the Construction Machinery ME Awards has now been extended to 12th May. But don’t waste time, enter now!

The Awards are a golden opportunity to show everyone that your business is simply the best-in-class; they celebrate the machinery and equipment truly making a difference in the Construction sector across the GCC.

At an exclusive gala dinner on 25th May, the on-site heroes will be centre stage – and you could be one of them! The Construction Machinery ME Awards is simply the perfect way to get competitive edge and demonstrate to all your stakeholders that you mean business.

The Awards not only let you nominate your own business across a number of key, industry-specific categories, but give you the chance to make a ‘People’s Choice’ vote – and pick the equipment, machinery and businesses that you feel truly make a difference!

CPI Trade Media created the Construction Machinery ME Awards as a tribute to local businesses and the global manufacturers whose products have made the Middle East one of the most progressive construction hubs in the world. The Awards are now proving immensely popular – but remember, your deadline for entry is 30th April.

Just to give some background and context: Construction Machinery ME magazine recently celebrated its first ten years in publication. During that time, it’s built up not only an extremely loyal subscription base – which includes virtually all the leading machinery manufacturers, rental firms and sellers – but a reputation as one of the most credible commentators on industry trends and regional economics. So, what better platform from which to launch the GCC’s first construction machinery-specific awards? This year, that’s exactly what we decided to do.

It’s important to keep in mind that winning an award means more than just kudos for your business: a 2018 survey by Forbes magazine in the United States showed that winning a recognised industry award can –

  • Boost your chances of winning new customers by 24%
  • Increase retention of existing customers by 31%
  • Increase your chances of up-selling to existing markets by 15%
  • Make you more memorable to customers and prospects by 21%

So it makes great sense for your business to enter – but you have to hurry, because the deadline for entries is 12th May.


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