Bloom Holding announces 4,000 home community in Abu Dhabi

Project is said to be aligned with Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030

Developer Bloom Holding has launched Bloom Living, which is billed as an integrated and inclusive community in Abu Dhabi. Spread over 2.2m sqm, it will feature over 4,000 homes including a selection of villas, townhouses and apartments to suit the unique needs of residents of all generations.

According to a statement from the developer, Bloom Living’s architecture is inspired by the rustic vibe of the Mediterranean and fuses traditional Spanish design with contemporary finishings. The names of the neighbourhood keep with the theme; Phase One has been named Cordoba after the Andalusian city.

The community aims to bring together residents of all ages, cultures, and ethnicities, to deliver a superior living experience that promotes genuine human connection. Bloom Living’s Town Centre will feature a lively and bustling plaza with several F&B and retail outlets for residents and visitors alike to enjoy, the developer said.

“The launch of Bloom Living, our flagship community development in Abu Dhabi, marks a significant milestone for Bloom Properties. With this project, we aim to offer a fully integrated community that goes far beyond providing a nice place to live. Our multi-generational community has everything one could possibly need to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. Moreover, Bloom Living has been cleverly designed so that all the facilities, amenities and services are within walking distance for every resident. Those living outside of the community will also be welcome to visit; our town centre will be easily accessible and will have a lively and vibrant atmosphere day and night representing the beating heart of the community,” said Bloom Holding CEO Carlos Wakim.

Bloom Living is said to be closely aligned with Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, which highlights the importance of diversity, inclusivity, and a high standard of living to achieving sustained economic development.

The developer said the focal point of the community will be a large lake which will represent a community meeting point, around which residents can walk, run, and cycle, and makes it an ideal community for those seeking a peaceful life. The lake will act as an important point of connectivity, with pathways linking to all amenities and neighbourhoods. The use of water, in addition to the community’s beautiful flora, aims to create calm and serene surroundings that reinforce Bloom Living’s commitment to promoting health and wellbeing.

Bloom Living is committed to delivering long-term social impact for the emirate by developing a community that promotes co-living, tolerance, and healthy living in addition to contributing to improved quality of life, the statement explained.

“We believe that Bloom Living serves as a representation of the modern Abu Dhabi – a cosmopolitan, multicultural and aspirational hub in which people of all backgrounds can flourish. The pandemic has served to highlight that our lives do not operate in silo – and neither should our homes.  We firmly believe that fully integrated communities are the future, Bloom Living as a shining example of community living of tomorrow,” added Wakim.

Bloom Living will be built in phases and Cordoba, Phase One of Bloom Living, is scheduled for completion in Q4, 2024.

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