JCB unveils the new 3DX backhoe loader

Company launches new 3DX Sitemaster excavator loader range in the Middle East market, consolidating its dominant position in the category with a machine that raises the bar higher

As one of the pioneers of the machine and the undisputed global leader in the segment, JCB is a brand that commands respect in the backhoes loader market. In fact, the brand is so well known for the backhoe loader that it has become synonymous with the machine and in some parts of the world the name JCB is the word for the backhoe in local languages.

The Middle East is among the biggest markets in the world for the backhoe loader, with the segment often outselling many other machinery classes combined in any given year. Here too, as in almost all other global territories, JCB rules the roost, having corned well over half the market in terms of market share. The company’s versatile 3CX is the ever-popular choice on the job-sites of the GCC, along with the other models in JCB’s line-up as and when required.

Time and again, JCB has raised the bar higher with its new models and innovations in the backhoe space – and now it is time again when the British behemoth pushes the frontiers of the equipment further with its new launch in the Middle East – the 3DX Sitemaster.

According to JCB, it has been manufacturing backhoe loaders for over 70 years now and even after seven decades, the backhoe remains one of the world’s most popular pieces of construction equipment. This is testament to the versatility of the machine, that its popularity has continued to endure.

“We are grateful for the trust and confidence our customers have showed in our backhoe loaders since their inception and a key reason for this has been our ability to continuously improve the product. Following on the legacy of this innovation, we are excited to introduce the new 3DX Sitemaster range of machines to the region,” says Ahmed Shouman, general manager, JCB Middle East.

“Our new range of 3DX Sitemaster machines boast a number of brand-new features and improvements with simplified specifications packaged together to have very strong attributes targeting specific customer needs and sectors within the market – i.e. rental, plant hire and the contractor.”

According to JCB, there are three new models in the new 3DX range: the 3DX ECO, 3DX PLUS and 3DX PRO. The 3DX ECO features a high performing 56kW engine and is the ideal site machine, the 3DX PLUS and 3DX PRO have powerful 68.6kW engines. The 3DX PLUS and 3DX PRO are offered with a multi-purpose (6-in-1) bucket and hammer lines as standard.

The manufacturer adds that the new models have significantly more features, comfort and technology to make them easier than ever to operate and more productive than any other competitor. They have been designed keeping in mind the versatility of the excavator loaders (backhoe loader) at heart and no other type of machine has the ability to load, dig, backfill, grade, grab, break, excavate and travel between sites quickly, allowing the excavator loader operator to be a ‘master of the site’, which is a massive advantage over other machines and saves customers time and money.

“No matter what type of application, job-site condition or business need of a customer, the new 3DX Sitemaster range offers the ideal solution,” says Shouman.


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