Doosan ‘Transparent Bucket’ wins two awards at Matexpo

Independent jury selects company’s safety system as best offering in ‘Innovation’ and ‘Safety’ categories

Doosan’s ‘Transparent Bucket’ system has won two awards at the international Matexpo Exhibition in Belgium held earlier this month, wining in the “Innovation” and “Safety” categories, decided by an independent jury comprising specialists from the sector.

According to Doosan Infracore Europe, the industry’s first wheel loader ‘Transparent Bucket’ system from the company emerged the winner from among a total of 51 applications submitted for the awards this year: 22 for the Innovation Award, 12 for the Safety Award and 17 for the Green Award, the third category in this year’s Matexpo awards.

Matexpo is a biennial international trade fair showcasing machinery and equipment for the construction industry, industry and the environment. It is the third largest trade fair of its type in Europe, typically attracting more than 40,000 visitors to each edition. At this year’s event, the independent jury was led by chairman Danny Van Parys.

Doosan said its Transparent Bucket is a fully integrated system that allows a wheeled loader operator to see the bucket blind spots on the machine through the in-cab monitor. The patented system records images at the front of the wheeled loader with two cameras mounted on the top and bottom of the machine and displays the combined images in real time on the monitor in the cab using a curved projection method.

Owing to blind spots caused by the buckets on wheeled loaders, the area in front of the machines has been considered one of major concern in terms of safety. “With the new Doosan transparent bucket function, however, the driver can easily check the blind spots in front of the bucket via the cab monitor, to increase safety and prevent accidents. Another advantage of the transparent bucket system is that it can significantly improve work efficiency by providing a forward-view perspective for the driver during loading/unloading or when carrying materials such as aggregates, sand and soil,” said a statement from Doosan.

The company added that is is the first in the world to develop and apply a front projection function with the transparent bucket for construction machines and has applied for patents in Korea, North America, Europe and China.

Other advanced safety systems that Doosan has developed for its machinery range inlcude the around view monitor (AVM) system, that can observe the machines’ surroundings, and a rear warning system using ultrasonic sensors.

A Doosan Infracore spokesperson said: “As machinery and site safety standards continue to be significantly raised around the world, advanced safety systems have become a key factor in selecting equipment. We plan to continue developing safety features that can protect drivers and other workers on site, and we aim to be at the forefront in creating construction sites that are safer and accident-free.”

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