Kuwait adopts new highway building technology

Project uses pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete to build highways

Kuwait will use the technology to build highways in less time than conventional methods.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Public Works has announced that materials used in the building of Jahra highways are manufactured in a special yard with special technology employed for the first time in the Middle East region.

The new technology facilitates the process of creating the highways especially those of several layers, said the head of the Jahra road overhauling project, Yasser Budstor.

The project uses the pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete parts to create stronger highways that can be built faster, longer, and more slender, said Budstor.

The 150,000 mJahra Yard, which comprises a concrete plant, steel plant, block moulding and processing unit, and storage unit, has manufactured 24 pieces of bridges, with 20 more in the pipeline.

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