KSA spends $88.26m on holy site maintenance

Ministry of Islamic Affairs steps up maintenance spending across Makkah

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance has said it is spending $88.26m on construction, maintenance, repair, cleaning and operations at the holy sites in Makkah.

The maintenance, repair, cleaning and operation projects include the Namirah Mosque and its courtyards in Arafat at a cost of $1.23m, while the Holy Site Mosque and the Hujjaj Al-Barr Mosque  cost $5.6m.

The maintenance and operation of the ministry’s head office and pilgrim facilities at Arafat will cost $400,000, while the maintenance, cleaning and operation of the Al-Khaif Mosque at Mina will cost $40,000.

The ministry is also undertaking repairs, maintenance and new constructions works at Qarn Al-Manazil in Al-Sail Al-Kabeer near Taifat a total cost $8.3m and Meeqat Al-Juhfah in Rabigh$2.74m.

Other projects include the renovation of Yalamlam at a cost of $6m, and the $2m development of car parks for pilgrims.

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