Development of $462,748 Al Hayer Oasis project complete

Project includes dedicated F&B areas as well as a central plaza for exhibitions and seasonal events, says Al Ain City Municipality

Development of the 22,500sqm Al Hayer Oasis project in Al Ain’s northern sector has been completed, Al Ain City Municipality has announced. The project was built at a cost of $462,748.

The project features recreational facilities such as 2,337sqm of walkways, the edges of which are said to be interspersed with various types of palm and local forage crops. It also offers other activities that suit all ages, a statement explained.

The project is said to promote the culture of parents and grandparents and caring for the palm tree, in addition to implementing a nursery for local plants to introduce visitors to traditional agricultural practices, types of local plants and various palm varieties. It is also said to provide several places for community interaction as a vital requirement for the community in the oasis and transfers some heritage practices to the city of the oases.

“For this project, we have transformed the old nursery in Al Hayer area into an entertainment park. This comes as part of our strategy to make optimal use of existing assets and create an investment atmosphere, as well as provide an atmosphere for family and entertainment gatherings, exhibition areas and national seasonal shows in one place,” said Engineer Mohammad Thani Al Muhairi, director of Parks and Recreation Department at Al Hayer Municipality Centre.

The project also features a dedicated area for food and beverages, as well as a central plaza that will act as a venue for exhibitions and seasonal events.

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