Al Faris Arocs SLT deal a milestone for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in the region

Heavy-duty tractor units like the Mercedes-Benz Arocs SLT are used in transportation of oversized, heavy-duty components or machinery

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is celebrating a milestone in the region after two new units of the latest generation of Arocs SLT, the first in the Middle East and North Africa, have been handed over to leading heavy transportation and heavy equipment rental company Al Faris Group.

The heavy-duty tractor unit supplied by Emirates Motor Company (EMC) is a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4058 AS 6×6 SLT and packs Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ most powerful engine: the six-cylinder in-line OM 473 engine with 15.6 l displacement with an output of 578 hp (425 kW), offering torque of 2,800 Nm in Euro 5 emission norm.

To take to the road with transport loads of up to 250 tonnes, the truck is equipped with the automated Mercedes PowerShift 3 gearshift system and G 280 transmission with 16 gears and a fluid coupling.

“We have performed numerous heavy transport operations for abnormally sized objects for more than 25 years and it has always been our priority to provide safe, innovative, and reliable solutions for Heavy Lifting, Heavy Transport and Energy Projects,” said Hillary Pinto, managing director, Al Faris Group said during the handover ceremony.

“When it comes to heavy transportation, the Arocs SLT meets the demands and our high standards. The addition of these 2 new trucks will add value to the company and we look forward to our long-term partnership with Emirates Motor Company.”

The Arocs 4058 AS 6×6 SLT is equipped with the turbo retarder clutch, which increases the dynamic performance and enhanced stability of the vehicle. This feature combines a hydraulic start-up clutch and a retarder in a single component. It is compact in design, light in weight and serves as a highly effective permanent brake. The turbo retarder clutch allows sensitive and wear-free moving off as well as manoeuvring at the very lowest speeds. A significant reduction in the time required to discharge the fluid in the turbo retarder clutch delivers faster subsequent shifting and faster acceleration. The fast build-up of torque prevents the vehicle from unintentionally rolling back when pulling away on uphill slopes.

During braking, the turbo retarder clutch acts as a primary retarder with a maximum output of 350 kW (476 hp). To ease the strain on the transmission, the sum total power of the high-performance brakes on the heavy-haulage vehicle is limited to a system brake power of 720 kW (979 hp). The turbo retarder clutch is available exclusively on Mercedes-Benz trucks.

The Arocs SLT is equipped with a 9t front axle. The rear axles of the Arocs SLT take the form of extremely robust planetary axles produced in-house at Mercedes-Benz. The technology has been tried and tested in the very toughest conditions and has proven capable of mastering the heaviest transport tasks. The rear axles are designed for a technically permissible axle load of up to 16 t. The Arocs SLT comes with parabolic springs on all axles with 9 t front springs and 18 t rear springs.

One of the special features of the SLT 6×6 is the power-assisted steering. This provides speed-sensitive steering power assistance and active steering return. In addition to offering unprecedented steering comfort and precision, this also ensures the perfect maneuvering.

Bilal AlRibi, general manager, Commercial Vehicles of Emirates Motor Company, added: “Heavy duty transportation requires very high-tech equipment and uncompromising reliability, and this is precisely what the Arocs SLT delivers. We thank Al Faris Group for their confidence in us. We are committed to providing long-term support to Al Faris Group and to contributing to their business growth.”



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