Prinoth launches next gen Panther T14R rotating dumper

Improved machine offers 15% higher payload-to-weight ratio and 5% improvement in crawler speed

Tracked vehicle specialist Prinoth has unveiled the Panther T14R, the next generation of its crawler carrier, which now comes with higher speed and power as well as features designed to boost up time and operator performance.

Prinoth said the next generation Panther T14R “builds upon the best-in-class speed/payload combination” of its predecessor, moving the most material in the least amount of time. A boost in speed of up to 5%, coupled with the T14R’s “impressive payload, further increases its unrivalled productivity”. Company officials added that it demonstrates Prinoth’s “commitment to providing the highest productivity levels” for off-road construction projects.

Patrick Hébert, Prinoth’s product manager for the Panther, said: “Everyone knows that bigger payloads and faster cycle times deliver more productivity and bigger profits, and at Prinoth, we’re dedicated to helping our customers get more for their investment. That’s why we worked hard as a team to provide not only exceptional payload, but also the best payload-to-weight ratio in the industry. With this next generation, we now offer a 15% advantage in this critical category over our closest competitor by carrying less deadweight.”

The manufacturer’s statement added that the T14R’s overall architecture was redesigned to offer visibility gains, making it safer for everyone on the jobsite, while increasing operator confidence and, in turn, productivity. Unrestricted cab views will provide safety for operators and other workers. Accidents can seriously impact productivity, and safety innovations are an important way to prevent them.

The new T14R also provides operators with enhanced comfort and intuitive features that make easy work during long shifts. For example, new warning systems on the enhanced in-cab display allow operators to confidently take on challenging conditions.

Alessandro Ferrari, CEO, Prinoth, said: “We didn’t just make the machine more efficient. The advancements found in this new generation of Panther make operators more efficient as well.”

Prinoth engineers also carried out upgrades inside of the Panther, including a new engine and a first-of-its-kind drive-direction reset. Without sacrificing power, the new generation of Panther vehicles is now driven by Cat’s double-label engine model C7.1 EPA Tier4Final/EUROMOT Stage V, supporting Prinoth’s ‘Clean Motion’ philosophy for sustainability, which aims for low energy consumption and also environmental protection in ecologically sensitive areas.

According to Prinoth, operators will also appreciate an exclusive single-touch drive-direction reset for effortless turnarounds, and improved settings of the hydrostatic drive motor, which optimises high travel speed and responsiveness under high-torque demand.


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