Metso Outotec launches global training certification programme for services professionals

Officially validated and globally standardised programme to combines maintenance support with process knowledge for over 3,000 field professionals

Materials processing, quarrying and aggregates industry giant, Metso Outotec, has started an integrated competence development and certification training programme for its job-site personnel to validate and develop their knowledge and skills at servicing the company’s products and technologies.

A Finland-based multinational, Metso Outotec said it has an extensive footprint of over 3,000 field services professionals and additional support resources close to customer operations all around the world.

Markku Teräsvasara, president, Services business area, at Metso Outotec, said: “Our customers are already expressing strong confidence towards our service experts’ knowledge and technology competences. With the development programme, the expertise is officially validated and standardised across the world. We have a unique opportunity from being able to combine strong maintenance support with process knowledge. To achieve our ambition of being the preferred services provider in our industry requires us to strive for unified development of industry leading competences based on high performance and safety standards, resulting in exceptional customer experience.”

According to Metso, the Services Certification Programme consists of three distinct and progressive training levels that allow personnel to develop their skills and apply them in on-the-job situations as well as validating existing work experience.

“All service personnel must achieve a License to Service certificate before starting the certification programme to ensure a shared understanding of what ‘service’ means within Metso Outotec and to clarify the standards, including safety, that all are expected to hold themselves to in their work,” explained a statement from Metso.

It added that the Services Certification Programme is designed and managed by Metso Outotec Training Academy organisation which manages all technical and product trainings globally in the company.

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