Haulotte unifies group services under new portal

Access equipment maker centralises its services on new website as ‘single-entry point’ for customers

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Haulotte has enhanced its digital presence with the launch of its new online portal MyHaulotte, which it calls as a single-entry point for all the group’s services, with simple access to all resources related to the powered access manufacturer’s equipment.

According to Haulotte, the portal provides resources from fleet inventory to spare parts orders, and maintenance requests to technical library, centralising the group’s expertise and providing access to a multitude of web services.

A statement from Haulotte said the new interface enables operators, fleet agents, administrative agents, workshop managers, technical managers or rental agency managers to save time and be more efficient. The service is part of Haulotte’s digital transformation and marks the next step in the provision of high value-added services.

Maxime Lecler, digital product owner at Haulotte, said: “We want to accompany our customers with personalised services throughout the life of their machines. The MyHaulotte portal makes it possible to offer each user the online services they need when they need them.”

The MyHaulotte portal brings together the brand’s existing online services under one platform, such as safety campaigns, technical library and spare parts store. The Haulotte statement explained that users of the portal can quickly see if their machines are part of security campaigns by logging on and can consult the associated safety bulletin and download repair instructions.

The MyHaulotte portal also provides faster access to technical documentation. For each machine in the fleet, it is now possible to directly download user manuals, maintenance and spare parts manuals, exploded views, brochures or familiarisation videos.

The MyHaulotte portal also has an area dedicated to the supply of spare parts, with features such as quick search, exclusive promotions, secure transactions and online order tracking.

In the fleet management area, users can view and update a list of their equipment. An overview of the machine fleet is displayed graphically by themes, allowing users to quickly identify the main trends in the fleet. In case of an anomaly, users can request a repair directly via the web portal, follow-up on current requests as well as view repair status. Also available at any time, is access to invoicing information, while preventive maintenance deadlines are displayed based on the machine’s hour meter. MyHaulotte also makes it possible to quickly see the date of the next periodic general inspections, which is calculated based on the date of the last inspection and local regulations.

Notifications are also available for real-time information reporting, with users being able to choose the alert mode – notification on the portal or via email,  frequency – each occurrence, daily, weekly, or monthly, and their theme – security campaign, periodic checks, preventive maintenance, actions to be carried out, expiration of contracts, etc.

“MyHaulotte significantly enhances the customer experience and guarantees fast, personalised service. Practical, intuitive and scalable, this portal has been designed to accommodate new functionalities in the future,” said Haulotte.

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