Haulotte launches new electric PULSEO scissor lifts

Features of new HS15 E and HS18 E models include convenient charging and battery management, high reach, high platform capacities and all-terrain ability

Haulotte has announced the launch of two new all-terrain scissor lifts that are electrically driven but offer the same level of performance as diesel machines, with working heights of up to 13m, load capacity of 750kg and the ability to be deployed on slopes with up to five-degree gradients.

The French powered access heavyweight said in a statement that the launch of the new HS15 E and HS18 E models are part of its “blue strategy”, and integrate unique features, widening the range of possibilities, both in terms of applications and working independence.

“Their fully electric architecture offers the same outstanding drive performance of an internal combustion diesel machine. This new generation of scissor lifts reinforces the direction taken by the Group in recent years towards versatility and environmentally friendly alternative energies,” said Haulotte’s statement.

The PULSEO scissors are designed to maximise battery life with the 48V battery pack delivering the range necessary for a full day of work. Three charging solutions adapt to the on-site infrastructure, with the primary charger recharging the batteries at the end of the shift from any standard 110-230V single phase electrical network, an optional three-phase accelerated charger ensuring an 80% charge in only three hours and a removable and interchangeable range extender to rapidly recharge the batteries while the machine remains fully operational. One range extender can be used on different HS15 E or HS18 E.

According to Haulotte, the HS15 E and HS18 E scissor lifts are able to work in varied terrain and can climb slopes up to 45%. The have oscillating axles that match the position of the front wheels to the uneven terrain to maintain optimal ground traction. The four-wheel drive axles deliver maximum torque and ensure excellent power distribution. In low grip situations, the manual differential wheel lock provides extra traction, getting the machine in and out of challenging terrain. They can be deployed on slopes up to 5° with outriggers for safe elevation on uneven ground. High ground clearance protects machine components in all terrain conditions.

The HS15 E and HS18 E scissors feature a high load capacity to meet demanding applications such as cladding, insulation, maintenance work, etc., and can lift up to 750kg of load and up to four persons. The work platform is a large one, with a length of 7.40m when both extensions are deployed. Full working height for is up to 13m for the HS18 E.

Proportional commands ensure precise movements and smooth operation on the way up to the work area, while ergonomic controls guarantee comfortable driving. The new PULSEO scissors incorporate the Haulotte Activ’Lighting System with 10 LED spotlights providing illumination of the basket, controls, and the manoeuvring area around the machine for safe loading/unloading operations in low visibility. New on scissors, the Haulotte Activ’Shield Bar system protects the driver from entrapment situations. The machine stops automatically as the operator is pushed towards the bar.

According to Haulotte, more and more cities and companies are taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint and “with the 100% electric design, the HS15 E and HS18 E scissors operate with no harmful emissions”.

“They offer a clean alternative suited to any situation, such as Low Emission Zones (LEZ), or green construction sites. Available with non-marking tyres, they can also be used indoors on sensitive surfaces without leaving a trace. The latest PULSEO machines operate in silence (acoustic profile <60 dB in electric mode); they are perfect for work in low-noise areas or public places without bothering people nearby,” said Haulotte.


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