Evoteq announces deployment of smart surveillance system at Bee’ah landfill

System leverages smart cameras, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms

Evoteq has deployed its AI-powered smart surveillance system comprising over 90 smart cameras at Bee’ah’s Al Sajaa landfill. The Evoteq Smart Surveillance system is said to set a new standard in facility security management with advanced capabilities and includes a network of AI-enabled and thermal detection smart cameras, next-generation machine learning algorithms and an autonomous drone system.

Jihad Tayara, CEO of Evoteq said the firm has deployed a network of smart cameras including license plate reading cameras at entrance and exit points that only allow access to approved vehicles; thermal cameras installed at high-importance zones that detect anomalies in temperatures, and AI-powered thermal and motion detection cameras that offer 360 degree-surveillance of vast areas that are all remotely connected to a control centre.

According to a statement, the solution secures extensive grounds through real-time monitoring, identifying and analysing potential hazards before they escalate. The company said that landfill sites have several unique security requirements, from controlling site access and securing sophisticated machinery to monitoring environmental variables and ignition points among others.

The Evoteq Smart Surveillance is said to act as a replacement for the traditional security approach of utilising closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and physical staff patrolling the grounds, through a digitalised, reactive and cost-effective solution.

“Ours is an advanced and customised digital solution and is the result of extensive consultations with Bee’ah to understand the challenges at hand and subsequently design a solution in a collaborative fashion. With this offering, a single security staff member is fully empowered to monitor the site through the support of smart AI-powered systems, incident detection machine learning algorithms and the ability to react to incidents before they develop,” said Tayara.

The smart cameras are equipped with backup solar-powered batteries to allow for greater flexibility and mobile redeployment, he explained.

Daker El-Rabaya, CEO – Waste Processing & Treatment at Bee’ah added, “Our partnership with Evoteq, the region’s leading technology firm, demonstrates our commitment to harnessing the latest technologies to enhance our processes, increase security and vigilance while enhancing the capabilities of our workforce. This new solution is also aligned with Bee’ah’s twin-pillared strategy to combine sustainability and digitalisation to realize new efficiencies, value-added offerings and continue to raise the quality of life for the communities we serve across the Middle East.”

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