Al Faris-Goldhofer mark longstanding partnership

Middle East heavy transport specialist makes extensive use of Goldhofer transport modules in local projects

Middle East heavy lifting and transport services provider Al Faris has marked 12 year of its association with Goldhofer, the global manufacturer of land transport modules such as low beds, axles and self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

An announcement from Goldhofer said that Al Faris has been relying on flexible Goldhofer solutions in the form of low loader semi-trailers and heavy-duty modules for 12 years now, to deliver heavy construction machinery and generators, long components, outsized vessels, and even ships and ship-loaders to their destinations.

Goldhofer quoted Hillary Pinto, founder of the Al Faris Group, as saying: “Whatever type of vehicle involved – low loader semi-trailers or towed or self-propelled heavy-duty modules – the flexible configurations available with Goldhofer put us in a position to provide a rapid response with reliable transportation solutions for our customers and to implement them quickly and economically.”

In the course of its close partnership with Goldhofer, Al Faris has handled almost everything that is long, high, heavy and voluminous in the petrochemical, construction, oil & gas and manufacturing industries.  Goldhofer said that in the last several months to a year, this includes the transport of 19 oversized separator vessels over a distance of 150km to a crude oil production facility in Abu Dhabi, as well as the transport of extremely heavy ship loader and bucket wheel stacker components to Dubai’s Jebel Ali port for onward shipment to the Canadian Baffin Islands.

Al Faris recently transported a tugboat and pontoons over a distance of 140km to the Hatta Dam in Dubai, where an environmentally friendly pumped storage hydropower plant with a generating capacity of 250MW is being built. The route involved several narrow passages as well as overhangs and power lines with very low clearance heights. Following careful planning, Al Faris chose a heavy-duty Goldhofer drop-deck combination for the first stage leading from the port through the urban area, and that made easy work of the narrow passages and roundabouts. For the up to 23-degree gradients in the Hatta mountains, however, towed THP and self-propelled PST heavy duty modules were used. The result was an on-schedule, safe delivery.

Pinto added: “Our flexible Goldhofer fleet has enabled us to master every transport requirement to date, no matter how challenging. Within our fleet, Goldhofer’s heavy-duty semitrailers and modules play an important and reliable role. They form the basis for our precision planning and organisation – and our reputation for punctual delivery.”


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