Maeda introduces its first all-electric mini crane

New spider crane provides nine hours of continuous operation on a full 3.5- hour charge of its lithium-ion batteries and is ultra compact when stowed

Mini crane maker Maeda has announced the launch of the MC285CB-3, its first ever all-electric spider crane model, which is powered by a lithium battery.

The new crane is based on Maeda’s existing 2.82t capacity MC285C-3 model which is powered by a regular IC engine.

The new MC285CB-3 crane has the same features as its regular counterpart and is rated at 1.4m radius. It sports a five section 8.6 pentagonal shaped boom with full power sequential telescope and can manage 150kg at its maximum radius of 8.2m, or lift 550kg on full boom to a height of 9m, or a radius of 4m with a height of 8m.

The difference in the new model is the power source, with the lithium-ion battery pack providing up to nine hours of continuous operation on a full charge, which it can achieve in just 3.5 hours. White rubber tracks come as standard with black tracks available as an option and the total weight of the unit is 2t – roughly the same as the diesel model.

The new MC285CB-3 also has the same features as the regular model, with HBC radio remote controls, a 7-inch monitor display, programmable load moment limiter, data logger and multi outrigger positions. The crane is ultra compact when stowed, with an overall stowed width of 750mm and an overall height of 1.47m.

Jurgen Vater, chief executive of Maeda’s European master distributor Kranlyft, was quoted as saying: “After an intensive period of research and development, Maeda can now proudly launch this innovative and eco-friendly model. The team at Maeda has accomplished a great deal in the development of this battery powered mini crane with market leading features in appliance with their policy of perfection in terms of precision and safety. Our customers and dealers have already shown great interest. We are confident that it will meet our expectations and lead the way in the next level of green and sustainable lifting.”

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