Azizi completes cloud upgrade project

Firm says it is redirecting savings it has realised as a result of the upgrade into community enhancements

Azizi Developments has announced that it has completed a cloud computing upgrade, and states that the move has effectively augmenting its operational efficiency and is enabling it to better serve its customers.

In its statement, the developer says it has successfully upgraded to a well-established cloud service provider that offers better functionality and enhanced services. The developer says the move is the next step in its digitisation journey.

While such migrations can often entail IT threats including information theft, data loss, and prolonged downtime, Azizi successfully completed its migration within a window of 4.5 hours at night, without any data damage or the potential of any cybersecurity breaches, the statement clarified.

“Migrating to a more capable and reliable cloud provider not only helped us optimise our costs, which is vital to any rapidly-growing enterprise, but also is in the best interest of our valued customers, who will now see all departments, especially our Customer Care team, become more agile and efficient. This is merely one of the many implementations that we are undertaking as part of our Digital Transformation programme – we look forward to announcing several more success stories in the near future,” said Aziz CIO Dr Syed Mahsud Ali.

The developer says it has saved over 66% of its IT costs, which it was redirecting towards community enhancements and customer care team augmentations, while the quality of its cloud services has been improved, allowing for better productivity levels.

Customers will benefit from faster response times, enriched updates and communications, improved information precision and more, the developer explained.

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