SirajPower offers O&M services to solar plant owners

Firm says it has already proved that it can increase energy production from a solar plant

SirajPower has started providing operation and maintenance (O&M) services to solar plant owners in the region beyond its owned portfolio. The firm says it will handle the operation, cleaning and maintenance of solar systems, allowing clients and plant owners to focus on their core business.

According to a statement from the firm, the move comes as it continues to champion the commercial, industrial and residential sectors (solar rooftop and carports), thanks to the strong and extensive solar experience built for nearly half a decade.

Due to the rapidly maturing regional solar sector, O&M has evolved from a service offered mainly by Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies to a dedicated segment of the market, where solar providers are able to offer it as an independent service, the firm added.

“At SirajPower, we innovate to deliver unique and tailored solar energy solutions together with custom financing options to suit commercial, industrial, and residential needs. By doing so, we now own the largest distributed solar energy portfolio across the region, with more than 50MWp in operations. With our in-house R&D center, we have a dedicated team to carefully understand the system uptime and performance which was instrumental in the development of our standard cleaning and maintenance methodologies,” said SirajPower CEO Laurent Longuet.

Continuous operations and maintenance is a critical component to long-term project success and asset recovery. Optimal operations of a solar plant must strike a balance between maximising production and minimising cost, the company explained.

It added that it is critical to engage a solar plant operator that can perform a comprehensive and full range of operation and maintenance activities to maximise the energy generation and ultimately providing savings to its plant owners and/or end-users. SirajPower’s initiative is a response to this gap. Proper maintenance is essential to maximize both energy yield and the plant’s useful life, said the statement.

“Beyond our existing clients, the launch of our top-class O&M services allows private companies that built their own solar system to benefit from a company with a proven track record in operating and maintaining solar plants,” explained Longuet.

SirajPower’s head of Operation and Maintenance Djawed Belasri remarked, “Based on the benchmark established on the first new solar projects not installed by SirajPower and which our O&M team has recently taken over, we’ve proven that we can significantly increase the energy production of an existing solar PV system and ultimately increase the economic benefits of providing more savings to solar plant owners. We are receiving a lot of inquiries and in many instances, we managed to increase the energy production by 15% when we took over the operation and maintenance of the systems.”

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