Tafawuq Facilities Management hits high with record $200mn-plus in new contract wins

Landmark achievement ‘demonstrates significant growth in the company’s business’ and reflects an increase of over 120% in the forward order book

Tafawuq Facilities Management has hit a new company record by achieving over $200 million in contract wins and renewals in the first six months of 2020.

The landmark achievement demonstrates significant growth in the company’s business, which reflects an increase of over 120% in the forward order book of the company, compared to the same period in 2019, said the  Eltizam Asset Management Group subsidiary.

“The main driver to Tafawuq’s continued success lies in our people — the employees who have demonstrated their key commitment towards ensuring our partners’ success,” said Mohammed Alsharaf, COO, Eltizam Asset Management Group. “This has become especially important during the recent disruptions caused by COVID-19, where our front liners worked around the clock to ensure safe conditions for building occupants. In addition, the company has also emphasized the importance of learning and adopting newer technologies and practices, which ensures the efficiency and safety of tenants in the buildings we safeguard. The new record we have achieved serves as an inspiration that has prompted us to create more strategic roadmaps to bring in more business growth and expansion throughout the region.”

Michael Nicholas, general manager, Tafawuq Facilities Management, said the company has shifted towards proactive energy management this year; ensuring it is an integral part of any new IFM contracts.

The new strategy falls in line with Dubai’s Integrated Energy Strategy 2030, which aims to achieve the 30% reduction in Dubai’s energy consumption by the year 2030.

“At Tafawuq Facilities Management, we operate on the strong belief that we make a substantial impact on the living and working environment of the communities, public sector entities and businesses,” added Nicholas. “Our achievements were made possible as we implement the ‘Get Wonky’ culture, the company’s organizational and business enhancement strategy being promoted across the Eltizam Asset Management Group. Thanks to the ‘Get Wonky’ approach, we are able to focus our efforts on people, technology and CSR, among other aspects, and help us serve our clients better. It also enables us to maintain business continuity even as we all face the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.”

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