Abu Dhabi’s AMB delivers specialised prefabricated facility for COVID-19 pandemic

Accommodation unit can fulfil a variety of purposes, including being an isolation ward, mobile laboratory and medical centre

Al Masaood Begum (AMB), an Abu Dhabi-based modular and prefabricated buildings solutions provider that is part of the Al Masaood Group of Companies, has announced the successful construction of a specialised accommodation facility in the country.

In a statement, AMB said that the accommodation unit was produced to address the urgent requirements brought about by the emergence of the COVID-19 crisis. It was produced during a challenging short period and measures around 15,000sqm in building space.

The pandemic has resulted in an increase in demand for facilities that can serve as both medical and isolation areas to hold those affected by the virus, the statement said, adding that the evolving situation around the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the advantages that come with modular and off-site construction.

AMB pointed out that the prefabricated units served a variety of purposes, including a temporary and multipurpose accommodation facility, isolation ward, hospital bed-spaces, mobile laboratories and even as medical centres.

Country Manager Ghias Ur Rehman said: “We have successfully been able to construct a specialised accommodation facility that can be best used for quarantine and medical purposes. Our company is backed by exceptionally talented and skilled individuals that lead in our building of world class, high quality products.”

“AMB is proud to be able to partner and collaborate with various entities – providing them with top of the line modular and prefabricated building solutions. Our swift and efficient delivery of turnkey solutions has made AMB a top choice and key partner to our clients in the UAE,” he noted.

According to him, the company has the capacity to produce more than 25,000 sqm of buildings per month.

“In light of the COVID-19 situation, the company has also been able to design, fabricate and install a portable full body disinfection tunnel at the entry of the facility. The walk-through enclosure is designed for personnel decontamination purposes that can be rendered multiple persons at a time upon entry,” he noted.

“The portable system is also equipped with sanitizer to assure the safety of all AMB employees and related personnel using the facility,” he added.

He added that the newly built facility, which was built in a short span of time, features modules that can be affixed anywhere with short notice and can be utilised as makeshift hospital infrastructure and for quarantine purposes.

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