Ecolog and Siemens Energy’s Water Solutions join forces to address water and industrial wastewater industry

Move is expected to create a strong team and a compelling value proposition for customers and end users

Ecolog International and Siemens Energy’s Water Solutions business are working together to provide an efficient and service-oriented treatment option for the water and industrial wastewater industry. Industrial wastewater is said to be a rapidly growing waste stream of downstream and energy industries, which has adversely impacted the environment and water resources over the last century.

As the industry grows in capacity and complexity of its waste streams, it is of paramount importance to utilise advanced and integrated solutions to meet process needs, as well as environmental regulations, Ecolog said in a statement.

The integration of Siemens’ Zimpro Wet Air Oxidation and PACT biological treatment solutions, as part of the overall services provided by Ecolog wastewater treatment solutions, will lead to greater efficiency and local value add, the firm stated.

“We are heeding the call of our customers to bring advanced and integrated solutions to them locally and to enable them to focus on managing production and productivity and less on waste management and side streams. Having a strong and likeminded partner such as Siemens Energy enables us to enhance our services and to provide best-in-class solutions to our clients,” said Ecolog International Group CEO Ali Vezvaei.

According to Ecolog, the target of the partnership is to identify and develop projects where technology can make a difference in terms of reaching low pollutant discharge levels or for water reuse, and giving customers the option to outsource the plant integration, build and operation.

Anthony Pink, CEO of Siemens Water Solutions added, “Wastewater has to undergo a complex, energy-intense process to reach the required level of purity. Siemens Energy’s specialist technology supports this process, and our agreement with Ecolog enhances our technological portfolio with key treatment technologies and vast wastewater experience, aligned with local high-performance services, allowing Ecolog and Siemens to jointly serve the wastewater industry in a broader way, as required.”

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