Gehry promotes cloud based buildings

Famed architect collaborates with cloud based storage device

Frank Gehry has promoted the use of paperless design for buildings.

Frank Gehry’s company, Gehry Technologies, has spent several decades developing a digital system for sharing and working on architectural plans and diagrams, building information and modelling. Now he is trying to increase its use with the help of a new collaboration with cloud-based storage service Box.

“My dream is to do buildings paperless. And it can be done,” says Gehry, noting that currently, certain restrictions prevent eliminating paper entirely.

“I discovered that, using the computer, we had more information, which kept us in control and allowed us to protect the owner from a lot of waste in the process,” he said.

As modelling tools have become more complex in architecture they have become data-intense, and file storage and management has grown correspondingly difficult. Gehry Technologies’ GTeam software is the Pritzker Prize-winning architect’s attempt to streamline and manage access to different types of design files and documents, from blueprints to certificates to CAD, without using paper.

Box is a cloud-content management and storage service with an increasing presence in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. Gehry believes Box’s infrastructure will allow the GTeam service to reach beyond his own buildings to other architects, helping them make the same transition he’s done with his company.


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