Alimak increases payload and car size with new high-speed construction hoist

Larger door and new wireless call system improve productivity on tower builds

Construction hoist maker Alimak has launched its latest high-speed model, the Scando 650 FC-S 35/50, which offers increased payload and larger car size compared to previous models, as well as improved communication capabilities.

The new model also comes with an extra wide door, designed to improve access and productivity on the job-site. A new, large, vertical sliding door mounted on the hoist car’s long side (c-side) improves productivity further. With an opening width and height of 4.2m and 2.5m respectively, the new door is 60% larger than Alimak’s previous largest door and enables the hoist car to load larger and heavier loads.

Another benefit of the new configuration is that it allows unloading directly from supply trucks into the hoist car with a forklift. This reduces the requirement for storage area at ground level, which is beneficial for confined sites. With the hoist able to take loads up to heights, the requirement to use the tower crane for this purpose is reduced, leaving it free to do more vital jobs.

The Scando 650 FC-S 35/50 hoist can also be paired with Alimak’s new AliCall wireless call system, which enables wireless communication between the hoist car and landings. Operators can view designated landings directly on the screen of the AliCall system, which supports up to 128 landings and has automatic call clearing at landing. With reduced hard wiring and easier installation, Alimak says the new wireless system is also designed to reduce the cost of installation.


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