Terex previews trio of new tower crane models

Company’s first hydraulic luffer with 12t lift capacity and jib length of 55m to be available from January next year

Three new tower cranes are set to join the Terex Cranes family, including the company’s first hydraulic luffing jib tower crane, after Terex previewed the range at an event in its factory in Northern Italy this month.

Of the three models previewed, the largest is the CTLH 192-12, a 12t capacity hydraulic luffer which is the first of its type from Terex. The crane’s maximum jib length is 55m with a jib-end lifting capacity of 2.35t.

The model’s radius when parked and out of service is 8m and it can be mounted on the HD23, TS23, TS21 or H20 tower masts, said Terex Cranes. The hoist winch is 67kW while the hydraulic luffing mechanism is 30kW. Features such as Terex Power Plus and Terex Power Match have been incorporated in the crane’s control system. The crane is ready for the fitment of anti-collision and zoning systems and Terex says the set-up is easy. When it comes to telematics, the CTLH 192-12 uses Terex’s T-Link telematics platform inside its S-Pace cabin.

The second tower crane previewed is the new Terex CTT 172-8 flat top, which has a lifting capacity of 8t on four falls of rope, with 65m of maximum jib length. A 4t version is also available on two falls of rope, which lifts its maximum out to a radius of more than 25m. The CTT 172-8’s maximum freestanding height is 64.9m and its control systems are similar to the hydraulic luffer, while compatible tower sections are TS16 – TS21.

The CTT 172-8 flat top replaces the CTT 162 with 200kg more tip load capacity and Terex’s new electronic control systems. Among its features is faster and easier set-up, while operating speed can be reduced to increase capacity. Terex added that the model’s new cabin and power match function reduce electricity consumption.

The last of the trio previewed by Terex is the new CSE 32 self-erecting tower crane, which can lift up to 4.4t and has a 32m jib length. Its tip load is 1.15t and the hook height can be altered between 19.7-21.5m, while the swing radius is 2.25m.

The CTT 172-8 will be available from December after final testing is complete, while the CTLH 192-12 will be available from January 2020 and the CSE 32 from the second quarter next year.


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