Musanada continues construction work on $41 million buildings project

The court buildings are being built for the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department for the benefit of both parties involved in an employment contractual relationship

Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, has announced that ongoing works on the court buildings at Mussafah, Madinat Zayed and Al Rahba areas in Abu Dhabi is progressing as per schedule. The facilities are being developed by Abu Dhabi Judicial Department at an investment of $41 million.

The Labour Court building which is being built in the Mussafah region is on a 7,572 sqm. area at an investment of $20 million. Once completed, he building will include nine first instance halls, four appeals halls, two reconciliation halls, 28 judges offices, and a reception space among other facilities, said the company in a statement.

Musanada stated that the project compliments the set of services offered by Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, for the benefit of both parties involved in an employment contractual relationship. This is under the rule of law and in accordance with the international guarantees regulating human rights and economic competitiveness standards, it stated.

The statement also added that the court building located in Madinat Zayed is on a 40,000 sqm area, with a built up area of 6,797 sqm. The $14.4 million four-storeyed building will consist of four halls, along with other legal affairs departments such as the notary public, attestation, proclamation of Islam, family guidance, inheritance, misdemeanours, and urgent matters.

Construction work is in full swing at the $5.5 million Al Rahba court complex, which spans over 2,500 sqm., Musanada stated. Scope of work includes the construction of the main building featuring a number of halls, offices, and utility and employee spaces.



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