Egypt Housing Ministry completes construction of 127,600 social housing units

Housing units are being constructed in three new cities across the country

Egypt has announced that a total of 127,600 social housing units have been constructed in three new cities – Sadat City, 6th of October City, and Badr City – across the country.

According to a report by Arab Finance, the Egyptian Housing Ministry has executed 9,860 units of the social housing project in Sadat City, citing deputy executive director of the Social Housing Mortgage Finance Fund (SHMFF), Salah Hassan.

Hassan also stated that 6,100 additional units are currently under construction.

In the new 6th of October City, the ministry has already completed the construction of 37,968 units, while a further 32,304 units are in the process of being built. The ministry has also been constructing 79,968 units in Badr City, with a further 26,976 new units set to be built.


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