Emicool implements key Siemens solution on Dubai district cooling plant

Siemens Demand Flow Solution to generate annual energy savings of 13.4% on annual energy bills, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 716t per annum

Emirates District Cooling (Emicool), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments, has announced that it has implemented a key solution from Siemens at its Al Jadaf District Cooling Plant (DCP) in Dubai, which has resulted in the potential to generate annual energy savings of 1.629 megawatt per hour, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 716 tonnes per annum.

According to a statement from Emicool, Siemens Demand Flow Solution was designed to generate a significant impact on energy conservation. In addition to the aforementioned figures, the system is predicted to generate 13.4% energy savings on annual energy bills, while enabling a return on investment in just under two years.

The district cooling provider said that its technical and energy team, in collaboration with Siemens and with the support of ARK Energy as project development consultant, executed the energy optimisation project for DCP 11, implementing the solution with a guaranteed energy-saving performance contract.

The project is in line with Emicool’s strategic objectives to increase the operational and energy efficiency of all its DCPs, the statement added.

Emicool CEO Dr Adib Moubadder said: “Sustainable solutions have been at the forefront of our operations. With this implementation, Al Jadaf district cooling plant will be optimised to make it 13.4 per cent more efficient, which is in line with our strategy that aims to secure sustainable energy supply, contributing to environmental protection through energy and resource conservation and directly impacting our bottom line.”

Emicool’s partnership with Siemens for this project will ensure the smooth facilitation and maintenance of the solution, integrated into the district cooling plant. The solution is programmed to maintain and ensure the temperature of water without affecting the building’s cooling requirements, he stated.

The parameters are fine-tuned to enhance the overall performance of the district cooling plant, he added.

The tailor-made HVAC energy optimised Siemens Demand Flor Solution provides a ‘holistic approach to optimising both chilled water and air distribution systems, without compromising on the comfort of the cooling services’, the statement continued.

Markus Strohmeier, Senior Executive VP (Regional Solutions and Services) Siemens Middle East, said: “This prestigious project is a great example of how smart algorithms and machine-learning software can make a significant difference to both energy savings and the longevity of plants and assets.”

“Once again, we have proved the ability of Demand Flow to deliver exceptional plant efficiency for one of the leading district cooling providers in Dubai, responsible for supplying cooling to the Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel,” he concluded.

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