Oman carries out massive road expansion project

Muscat Municipality plans to update and modernise the city’s road network

A massive road expansion project is underway in Muscat, the Omani capital’s municipality has said, as it continues with modernisation plans to develop the city’s infrastructure.

A number of these projects criss-cross the city and its surrounding areas, with significant projects such as the Wadi Adai interchange, the Amerat-Wadi Adai road and the Darsait-Wadi Kabir underway. The municipality added that the Amerat-Bausher road had recently been completed, along with the Southern Expressway.

Officials at Muscat Municipality said that the Wadi Adai multi-level interchange would feature a new steel bridge that will span the junction. Work on that is in full swing. Furthermore, as part of the interchange project, a second bridge will be built, taking traffic from the Ruwi side into the Amerat highway, thereby easing the flow of traffic.

“A network of bridges is being constructed in accordance with global standards, and the existing roundabout will be removed and replaced by four-way crossroads controlled by traffic signals.”

“The project includes construction of a new bridge over the existing bridge towards Seeb, as well as construction of another bridge parallel to the existing one to serve those coming from Ruwi to Wadi Adai. Steel posts are being used for the new upper bridge,” an official from the Municipality said in a report by Muscat Daily.

The municipality is also carrying out expansion projects along the Azaiba section of the highway, adding a third lane and other links. The project envisages the electronic connection of all traffic lights, expansion of the Wadi al Azaiba flyover and the addition of three tracks, the municipality official said.

He added that a similar project is being carried out at the Ghubra roundabout.

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