Al Dhafra roads and infra rehab projects to boost sustainable development

Projects will service 294 residential, governmental and utility plots, four mosques, four parks and four landscaping spaces

Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada) and Al Dhafra Region Municipality have stated that the newly started Al Dhafra roads and infrastructure rehabilitation projects improve the “standard of living, boosting sustainable development and ensuring the community’s wellbeing and happiness.”

It was revealed yesterday that construction of the $40 million project was underway.

According to Al Dhafra Region Municipality, the project keeps up with the comprehensive and sustainable development process witnessed by the emirate of Abu Dhabi in general and the Al Dhafra region in particular.

Also, it will enhance the infrastructure across Madinat Zayed, Baynunah, Sector 18 and Zone MZW in Al Dhafra region, establishing a perfect platform to help stimulate population and economic growth, provide service amenities to meet the needs of residents, service residential plots at the area and support the trade and tourism movement besides attracting investments into the region.

Musanada further added that the project scope will cover construction of a 14.5-km internal road network, extension of 77.2 km power cables, construction and installation of 50.8 km potable water pipes of various diameters along with all accessories, construction of an 11.2km sanitation network to cover the plots along with all the assets, besides construction of an 18.3 km stormwater network and extension of 46.8 km telecommunication lines, as well as relocation of certain service lines due to construction of the road network.

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