Big Project Awards: David Ardill wins Architect of the Year

Architect wins award for his work on Siemen’s headquarters at Masdar City

David Ardill, director of Sheppard Robson International, was announced as the Architect of the Year at the Big Project Middle East Construction and Sustainability Awards of Excellence 2012 on Tuesday.

The win came in a heavily contested category, with some of the region’s most prominent architects vying for the award.

Ardill won the award for his work on Siemen’s headquarters at Masdar City, where he designed the building’s distinctive box with a box envelope.

The project created an inner highly-insulated, airtight facade designed to reduce thermal conductivity in tandem with lightweight aluminium external shading system which minimises solar gain while maximising daylight and views from the building.

“It’s very significant (the award) to us because it’s the first project we’ve completed in the Middle East, well, almost completed, it’s not entirely finished and it’s a big step for us. To come out here and win an award for our first project, that’s a big deal for us,” Ardill told the Big Project on the sidelines of the event.

He added that he and his firm planned to push sustainability in the coming year, with the focus being on new clients and spreading the message of sustainability.

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