Topcon launches GTL-1000 scanning robotic total station to accelerate real-time on-site construction verification

The GTL-1000’s robotic total station and laser scanner work in tandem to speed up construction and reduce costs

Topcon has launched the GTL-1000 a twin robotic total station and laser scanner that increases productivity by accelerating the construction process and identifying design challenges more efficiently.

The robotic total station features an in-built scanner and performs as one instrument eliminating the need to carry an additional laser scanner. It also collects dense scan data that reduces software time for construction verification.

With construction industry estimates showing that re-work and delays can drive costs higher by as much as 20%, the new GTL-1000 effectively fills in the construction verification gaps that result in costly overruns and lost profits.

The GLT-1000 is straightforward to set-up and can quickly survey the construction site with full dome scans and panoramic imaging of the surrounding environment. The instrument accurately matches point clouds to BIM co-ordinates and its construction verification process is ten times faster than traditional methods. Spot checking is transformed to a digital real-time reality capture process which can lay-out, scan and verify every day.

Together with ClearEdge3D Verity, the simplified verification workflows cover a range of applications including documenting job site as-built conditions and performing construction verification to ensure project accuracy is built 100% to plan. Verify construction quality in a fraction of the time by comparing as-built scans to BIM design and fabrication models.

Shaheed Rahman, marketing manager, TPMA (Topcon’s MEA office), says that the GTL-1000 will enhance the construction verification process on-site and can benefit the regional construction industry as a whole; filling a need to reduce project costs and duration.

“Having one instrument with two powerful features (robotic total station and laser scanner), the job on-site can be verified in real-time with one man faster, safer and it eliminates additional manpower and additional instruments to be rented or purchased,” he said.

“The GTL-1000 provides construction verification on-site in real-time and on-site quality control can be done which reduces repetition of the job in case of any errors found later.”


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