Dubai to launch new Diabetes Centre

Facility will be the biggest dedicated diabetes centre in UAE

The new Dubai Diabetes Centre will open this month. The 1,858m2 facility will treat adults and children. About 19.5% of the UAE’s population is now living with diabetes, according to statistics released by the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, at the Arab Health Congress show.

The Government of Dubai media office announced that Dubai will inaugurate the new Dubai Centre for Diabetes, located on December 2nd Road, in the next few days. The centre is located within the premises of the Sheikh Hamdan Medical Awards building in Al Mankhool.

It is the biggest dedicated Diabetes Centre in the UAE, four times the size of the old Diabetes Centre at Latifa Hospital, and has double the capacity. The old hospital is expected to close once the new centre is operational.

Figures show that 40% of residents over 60 have diabetes and the number is expected to increase over the coming years. Diabetes constitutes 75% of deaths among UAE nationals and 31% among non-nationals.

Bahrain recently announced that it will invest US$93m in a manufacturing facility to produce 26m units of insulin a year. The facility is expected to open in two years.

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