Three workers crushed by wall collapse

Construction mistakes blamed for fatalities onsite

Three Indian labourers were killed and one was injured when a brick wall collapsed at a construction site in Al Mizah-1, Dubai. An investigation by Dubai Municipality concluded that "basic mistakes" had been made during construction of the structure.

Dubai Municipality head of engineering supervision section Marwan Abdullah Mohammed said that the contractor worked in contravention to engineering work norms, which led to the collapse.

“After providing the foundations of the wall, no construction strengthening points were given and there was also a lack of alternative support throughout the length of the collapsed wall. In addition, no concrete columns were provided on the sides of the wall, which caused the collapse. “The contractor put sand behind the wall, which resulted in the pressure from that side. The wall could not take the pressure.

“There was also a lack of adequate supervision by the contractor and the consultant to ensure the safety of the work and labourers,” said Mohammed.

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