Aldar launches new offices for Provis and Khidmah subsidiaries

Offices will help companies deliver value to their clients

Aldar Properties has inaugurated the new headquarters for its Provis and Khidmah subsidiaries in Yas Mall. The move is said to be part of its efforts to enhance customer experience and set benchmarks in service delivery.    

The new offices were designed to create an environment that encourages employee engagement, while further elevating operational excellence, said the statement from Aldar. The office will house more than 200 Provis and Khidmah staff, who are said to be supported by over 3,000 technicians spread across various customer touchpoints and assets.

According to a statement, Aldar made a strategic decision earlier in the year to realign Khidmah’s focus on providing facilities management and home maintenance services. This then enabled the creation of Provis to deliver specialised estate management solutions, Aldar said.

“Aldar has always focused on delivering desirable destinations across the UAE for current and future generations to live, work and play. However, being desirable extends beyond developing an asset but rather includes ongoing management and maintenance to enhance the overall experience and sustain investments. Therefore, we have solidified our investment in Provis and Khidmah to ensure the availability of specialised world-class support services that represent a critical component in a property’s lifecycle,” said CEO Talal Al Dhiyebi.

In addition to Al Dhiyebi, the inauguration ceremony was attended by Aldar chairman Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak and chief investment officer Jassem Saleh Busaibe, and other senior management members from Aldar, Provis and Khidmah.

Speaking at the office opening, Busaibe added, “Provis and Khidmah have both grown exponentially, winning numerous bids across the UAE, and enhancing their service propositions.”

Both Provis and Khidmah are focused on increasing their client portfolios and expanding their services to add value to developers, owners, investors and tenants in the UAE and abroad, the developer said. The companies have been adopting technology as a means to drive efficiencies in client operations and extend the property lifecycles as well as increase return on investments, said the statement.

“The new head office will bring us closer to our customers as it is conveniently situated in one of the most popular malls in the UAE on Yas Island. We are confident that this new location will add tangible value to Khidmah and Provis’ clients, and help both companies further enhance service delivery and customer realest estate journey,” remarked Busaibe.

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