Kuwait government eyes redevelopment

80,000 houses will be constructed on allocated land, government says

Failaka Island will see major investment from the Kuwaiti government.

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah has announced government plans to build five new public hospitals and construct 80,000 houses on allocated land.

He also added that the ministry was preparing to submit “its vision to resolve the traffic crisis,” which

Kuwait will also transform Failaka Island into a national tourism site. Failaka is an island that belongs to Kuwait in the Arabian Gulf. The island is 20km off the coast of Kuwait City in the Arabian Gulf.

The island’s name, “Failaka”, is thought to be derived from ancient Greek, according to local experts. It has become increasingly popular with Kuwait City residents as a holiday destination, with a ferry servicing the island from the capital.

With a rich history and cooler climates, the government of Kuwait regard the island as a potential tourism goldmine, with plans under way to redevelop its infrastructure and hospitality sector.


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