Doha conducts building safety assessment campaign

Municipality sets up panel to assess safety of buildings in Qatari capital

Doha has set up an assessment panel to evaluate a number of old buildings in the capital.

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Doha has earmarked 56 old and dilapidated buildings for demolition and renovation, the municipality announced on Friday.

Although it did not specify how many buildings were to be demolished, and how many were to be renovated, a panel set up by the Doha Municipality said that it had assessed more than 70 buildings in the capital, and singled out 56 for immediate action, whether renovation or demolition.

In a written statement to Arabic language paper, Al Arab, the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning said that the assessment was an ongoing process.

The panel warned that the 56 buildings posed a threat to the safety of residents, both in the building and those surrounding them.

Owners of the properties have been urged to cooperate with the panel, so as to ensure public safety.

Engineer-members of the assessment committee are preparing a list of at risk buildings, along with collating necessary details, such as owners’ names, IDs and contact details and area and plot numbers.

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